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The Urban North journey began with the inspiration of two brothers who were raised in the prairies of Manitoba, Canada.  Growing up in the urban city of Winnipeg, known for its cultural diversity and cold climate, they always wanted to explore beyond its boundaries. Venturing beyond the city limits they trekked deep into the rugged terrain of the Canadian Shield. It was here they could truly feel the freedom of the wilderness.  As avid hikers who loved the outdoors, yet urbanites who liked to look the part, these two young men were forever on the lookout for apparel that was fashionable yet still functional. It was during this searching time that they found their niche in the market and realized the fulfillment of their dream….and the brand Urban North was born.

Although time has gone by since those early days, Urban North is proud of its beginnings, closely bound to our roots as a notable Canadian enterprise. Our logo reflects this truth as it proudly features the Inukshuk, a symbol of our home and native land. The Inukshuk, built of stacked rocks, serves as a guide for the Inuit of Canada’s north. Essential for travelers as they cross the vast wilderness, the Inukshuks stand out as markers along the trails. At Urban North we strive to do the same as we move from product conception to completion, ensuring a one-of-a-kind results that stand out from the crowd. We believe in taking a fashionable but functional approach to all our designs.

The Urban North brand reflects the strength and courage of our Canadian heritage. We want everyone to have the chance to Feel the Freedom.